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Updated: January 20, 2015

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January 20, 2015: Mike Turco of Thornton, Pa., shares photos of his latest build: The classic Willy Ley Space Taxi from 1959!

January 7, 2015: Our 1:72 Flash Gordon Rocketship kit is now available for purchase in the Virtual Museum Store!

December 27, 2014: Our new 1:72 Flash Gordon Rocketship has been added to the Science Fiction/1900-1930s gallery. Look for the kit's release next week!

December 26, 2014: We've been quiet for a while. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas/Hanukkah. We close out the year, we have two new kits in the Virtual Museum Store: The 1:72 XRV (Experimental Re-entry Vehicle) from 1969's "Marooned," and a 1:72 Bristol F.11/37 British Heavy Fighter concept kit from Unicraft. Check 'em out!

November 27, 2014: Happy Thanksgiving! We've just posted "What You Get" photos for our upcoming 1:72 "Flash Gordon Rocket" kit. We're still taking reservations at

November 20, 2014: The 1:72 XRV from "Marooned" (1969) has been added to the Virtual Museum's 1960s Science Fiction gallery. We'll be releasing the kit within the next few days. Also, in cleaning out my "warehouse," I discovered a heretofore lost cache of three BAE (Hawker) P.1214 Harrier II castings. I've therefore returned the kit to the Virtual Museum Store. When this last batch sells out, the kit will be permanently retired!

"Fantastic Plastic" is a scale modeling site that celebrates the weird, the wonderful, the odd, the radical, the exotic and the just plane cool aircraft and spacecraft model kits produced in styrene (and resin) over the last 70-plus years.  From bizarre World War II-era "Luft '46" project planes to the latest science fiction concepts, here is a chronicle of Man's highest aspirations as expressed through his flying machines, both real and imagined.

The Fantastic Plastic "Virtual Museum of Flying Wonders" is divided into seven "galleries," each dedicated to a particular area of interest.  These are:

Whether your interest is "Luft '46," the American Space Program, X-planes, radical aircraft prototypes, "paper projects," Star Trek, Star Wars, hovercraft or UFOs, you are sure to find something here to ignite your passion -- and trigger wonderful memories.

And while you're here, please be sure to visit the Fantastic Plastic "Virtual Museum Store," where you'll find our exclusive line of unique aircraft and spacecraft model kits for sale.

Thanks for visiting.  Return often.   And...


       - Allen B. Ury, Costa Mesa, California



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