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Testor's F-19 Stealth Fighter Model (1986)

It begins with an idea.  The idea becomes a sketch.  Which becomes a blueprint.  Which becomes a wind tunnel model.  Which becomes a prototype...

...and sometimes it just stops with the sketch.

For every airplane that makes it to the production line, dozens of alternative designs are considered and then rejected.  In some cases, these concepts are exciting enough on their own to market as plastic models kits.  The following pages contain a variety of these fascinating "What If?" aircraft ranging from the serious to the fanciful.  

Also in this section are models of so-called "Black Project" aircraft, planes reported to have been developed -- and even flown -- under Top Secret cover.   These planes may or may not actually exist, but their designs still make for fascinating modeling subjects.

Testors' F-19 Stealth Fighter (1986)


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