XSL-01 Moon Rocket (1957)


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The XSL-01 (Experimental Space Laboratory Number 1) was designed in the mid-1950s by aerospace engineer Ellyn E. Angle. Formerly associated with the Bell X-1 and X-5 projects, Angle was working for a new spaceflight startup company, Systems Laboratory Corporation (SLC) in Sherman Oaks, California, when he was put in contact with Revell Models in nearby Venice, Ca., which was interested in original designs for its expanding line of space-related model kits.

The launch portion of Ellwyn's conceptual moon rocket consisted of four strap-on liquid fuel boosters -- two primary and two secondary -- which were to propel the main moon ship to an altitude of some 100 miles.  At this point, the manned module's NERVA-style nuclear engine would kick in, providing the ship the velocity needed to reach the moon.

The primary craft would then land on the moon vertically, again powered by its nuclear-powered engine.  The last of the H30  heavy water in its wing cone tanks would be used to power the craft's ascent from the moon and would be jettisoned.  The manned portion of the craft -- designed to hold three astronauts -- would then return to Earth, with course corrections made using its onboard Hypergolic Reaction Control System.  The winged moon ship would then make a controlled atmospheric re-entry with the use of its swept-back wings and landing skid.  It was an ambitious design, one that was prophetic as much as fanciful. 

The Revell version of this design enjoyed its one and only release in 1957.

This is Fantastic Plastic's recreation of the classic Ellwyn E. Angle XSL-01 stack.  Scaled in 1:72, it is significantly larger than Revell's original 1:96 version.  The decal design again recreates but upsizes the 1957 original.

The kit has a display stand, but does not include the full launch pad featured in the original Revell product.

A kit of the Moon Ship manned glider is available on its own.

  • Scale: 1:72
  • Pieces: 58
  • Base included
  • Two ground crew members included
  • Height: 19.5"
  • Pattern by Scott Lowther
  • Cast by BLAP! Models
  • Decals by JBOT



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