Space Station V

from "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968)

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Inspired by the classic "wheel" space stations of Dr. Werner von Braun, the partially built Space Station V served as the orbital way station for people traveling to and from the moon.  An Orion III shuttle's approach to the rotating Space Station, choreographed to Strauss' 19th Century "The Blue Danube," is one of the most iconic scenes in motion picture history.

The size of "real" space station is under much dispute.  Sources close to the production insist was meant to be 1,000 feet in diameter.  However, director Stanley Kubrick "cheated" by optically reducing the size of the approaching Orion III as it approached the station to enhance the drama, causing fans to recalculate the station's "actual" size two twice that...or more.

To placate fans, we're including two Orion III miniatures along with the station -- one in 1:1400 scale and one in 1:2800, so the resulting 8.6" diameter model can be which ever scale you choose!

  • Scale: 1:1400 or 1:2800 (Your choice!)
  • Diameter: 8.6 inches
  • Material: Resin/PhotoEtch
  • Number of Pieces: 200+
  • Pattern by Scott Lowther
  • Casting Mana Studios
  • Photoetch by Paragraphix
  • (1) 1:1400, (1) 1:2100 and (1) 1:2800 Orion III shuttles included


What You Get


Space Station V Renderings by Scott Lowther


Photo Etch Pieces



Acrylic Display Stand Available

This beautiful acrylic display stand was created especially for our 2001 Space Station V kit by Marco Scheloske. It consists of five laser-cut acrylic pieces and includes engraving. Marco is selling the kit directly for 19.50 Euros + shipping. (Yes, he ships internationally.) For more information or to order your stand, email Marco at



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